M is for the Million Things: Plays About Mothers & Motherhood


Scott C. Sickles

A Play In Process (PIP)
In The Jewel Box Theater


February 11, 2006

Be they Saints and Saviors or Harridans and Harpies, our mothers give us life! Then they go on to shape, ruin and inspire those lives (sometimes all at the same time). Whether we want to hold onto them forever or have to learn to let them go, our mothers have given each of us a Million Things.

The Antique Shoppe

Where necessity is the mother of invention...
Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan

David Palmer Brown*
Burt Edwards*
Patricia O'Connell*
Marta Reiman*

The Man in 119

Two generations of love, passion and opera...
Directed by David Gautschy

Peter Farrell
Joanie Schumacher*

The Mother Lode

Bad influences...Bad behavior!...
Directed by Harry Peerce

C.K. Allen
Bob Manus
Linda Segal*

Yea, Though I Walk

The Valley of the Shadow has a new Queen...
Directed by Paula D'Alessandris

Greg Adair
C.K. Allen
Maggie Fales
Leslie Gwyn*
Anne Fizzard*
Gerrianne Raphael*
Marta Reiman*