Stealing Home


Raymond Alvin

Directed By: 

Holli Harms

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


October 8, 2005

It is the summer of 1957. Blistering heat, rumors that the Dodgers are deserting the borough along with a beautiful divorcee who recently moves in, are all elements that bring the neighborhood to a slow boil. Suspicions arise as rumors circulate about the woman's infidelities. A boy of nine who comes from a turbulent home is befriended by the woman who turns out to be his next door neighbor. What really happened on September 21, 1957 and the events leading up to it unfold as it is largely told through the boy's eyes and as the man he has now become.


Raymond Alvin

Set Design by Andrew C. Boyce
Lighting Design by Evan Purcell
Stage Managed by Aaron Millis