Unknown Country 2006: More Plays from Canada

A Special Event
In The Main Stage Theater

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December 3, 2006

Following our exciting 2005 playreading series, UNKNOWN COUNTRY: Five Plays From Canada, we continue our showcasing of Canadian plays in the autumn of 2006 with readings of:

Two Words For Snow

By Governor-General's Award nominee, Richard Sanger
Directed by Debra Whitfield
September 26 at 7pm

It is 1935, and two men come together (in an imagined encounter) in the Eskimo Room of the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Robert Peary Jr. is young, white and determined to protect the good name of his father, Robert Edwin Peary Sr., and the latter's claim to having been the first man to reach the North Pole. Matthew Henson, Peary Sr.'s colleague on that famous expedition, and on eight previous expeditions, is old, black and full of regrets. Beyond the glory, are lies, betray, death and guilt.

"As absorbing as any thriller?Sanger writes like the poet he is." -- The Toronto Star


Mourning Dove

By Emil Sher
Directed by John Morrison
December 3 at 7pm

Inspired by a true story from Western Canada, Mourning Dove explores the unspeakable: a parent's mercy killing of his beloved child, a child who is severely disabled and enduring a life of extreme physical pain. When does a private act become a public concern? Could taking a child's life in the name of love ever be justified?

"Mourning Dove is not to be missed." -- The Fulcrum