Unknown Country: 5 Plays From Canada

A Special Event
In The Main Stage Theater

Co-Presented By: 


June 27, 2005
Monday, March 14: Glace Bay Miners' Museum

by Wendy Lill

Monday, March 28: Wasps

by Sally Clark

Monday, May 23: Building Jerusalem

by Michael Redhill

Sunday, June 5 at 5pm: alterNatives

by Drew Hayden Taylor

Monday, June 27: The Adventures of a Black Girl In Search of God

by Djanet Sears

Think of Canada and you think of hockey, snow, beer, universal healthcare, Mike Myers and Mounties, eh?

Well, think again...of:

Margaret's macabre museum in post-WW II Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; or uber-Indians, vegans, a moose roast, and a fractious dinner party; or a stolen, treasured military uniform worn by a soldier in fighting for Canada in the Coloured Militia against the Americans in the War of1812; or a shimmering New Year's Eve in Toronto in 1899, Victorian parlour games, four real-life characters who went on to shape the destiny of the 20th century, and a girl called Alice; or a frantic librarian, who keeps running into women who may or not be the wives of the man who may or may not be her husband.

Governor-General's Awards for Literature, multiple nominations for the same, and the Chalmers Award for Best Canadian Play are just a few of the accolades received by these playwrights.