Voices, Pertinent and Timeless

A Staged Reading
In The Jewel Box Theater


March 1, 2008

Thursday, February 28

Miss Lulu Bett

by Zona Gale
Directed by Debra Whitfield

Living life as a spinster seemed to be Miss Lulu Bett's destiny. When an enthusiastic visitor proposes, tables turn in unexpected directions and so does Lulu's spirit. (1921)

Friday, February 29

Alison's House

by Susan Glaspell
Directed by Katrin Hilbe

Loyalties and values are challenged as one family must decide how much of their beloved Aunt Alison they are willing to share with the world. Poetic and romantic, this drama was inspired by the life of Emily Dickinson. (1931)

Saturday, March 1

The Old Maid

by Zoe Akins
Directed by Elysa Marden

Based on a novelette by Edith Wharton, two cousins vie for the affections of one little girl. Despite their resentments, they must find a way to work together to hide the origin of her birth and ensure her the future she deserves. (1935)


Miss Lulu Bett:

Lexie Devin*, Anne Fizzard*, Michael Gnat*, Jenny Greeman*, Rusty Harding, Mark Hofmaier*, Patricia O'Connell*, Jeff Paul* and Nicole Taylor*

Alison's House:

Trey Albright*, Lori Faiella*, Letty Ferrer*, Anne Fizzard*, Ken Glickfeld*, Charlotte Hampden*, Abigail Hardin*, Cordis Heard*, Adam Hocherman, John Jimerson* and Baz Snider*

The Old Maid:

Lori Faiella*, Charles Gerber*, Riley Jones-Cohen*, Wende O'Reilly, Clare Patterson, Eileen Rivera*, Kari Swenson Riely, Ben Sumrall*

*Member AEA