Pineapple & Henry

Linda Segal Crawley
Directed By: 
Scott C. Sickles

Wednesdays - Saturdays, June 17 - July 9

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater
Sat, 07/09/2005

Comedy, romance, heartache! From the jazz era to the present, affairs of the heart conflict with efforts to achieve success - all on a street corner in Brooklyn.


* Raymond Alvin*
* Ellen Dolan* of As the World Turns
* Dee Dee Friedman*
* Harry Peerce*
* Frank Piazza*
* David M. Pincus*
* Brian Voelcker*
* Production Stage Manager Brad Gore*

*Member, AEA - an Equity Approved Showcase


This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department Of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the city council.

WorkShop Theater Company
312 West 36th Street,
Fourth Floor East
New York, NY 10018
Between 8th and 9th Avenues

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Linda Segal Crawley's new play, "Pineapple & Henry," makes clear that people don't always get what they want...Love and business complications abound. Ms.

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Pineapple & Henry

Pineapple & Henry

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Pineapple & Henry

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