The Philosopher's Joke


Scott C. Sickles

Directed By: 

David Lenchus

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


March 6, 2004

A bachelor about to ask his beloved's hand in marriage, uncovers a supernatural mystery involving three married couples, a mysterious interloper, and a shared dream that could reveal a distrubing truth. Based on the short story by Jerome K. Jerome.


Tom Berdik*
Lori Faiella*
Dee Dee Friedman*
Timothy Scott Harris
Michael McEachran*
David M. Mead*
Gail Thomas*

Stage Managed by Stefania Schramm
Choreography and Musical Staging by Laura Sheehy
Set Designed by Susan Pisklak
Lights designed by Noemi Millman
Costumes designed by Astrid Brucker

*Member, AEA - an Equity Approved Showcase