The Tragedie Of Macbeth


William Shakespeare

Directed By: 

Charles E. Gerber

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater

Co-Presented By: 


January 21, 2007

Produced by David M. Mead

Reviews & Press: 

kept my eleventh grade students from the Bronx at the edge of their seats

Thanks to you, your production team and your cast for a wonderful evening of Shakespeare at its best. Your production of The Tragedie of Macbeth kept my eleventh grade students from the Bronx at the edge of their seats. Students commented to me that they especially loved the intimate setting, realistic sword fights, and intense emotion displayed by the actors. Most of them have never been to a small theater and this experience made them feel truly engaged in the action onstage...The evening was made complete by a talk back session with the actors and words of thanks from the director.

Ilana Guttin, NYC High School Teacher

About Show: 

The Tragedie Of Macbeth

An immensely effective virtually revels in its trust in the Bard to deliver the goods through soaring language and grand storytelling that age cannot wither, especially when augmented with knowing stagecraft. Director Charles E. Gerber guides his cast in a panoply of deftly spoken and convincing performances.

Ron Cohen

About Show: 

The Tragedie of Macbeth

David M. Mead...shows us both this man's burning ambition and his intense thoughtfulness. His Macbeth isn't talked into anything by anybody. As a result, his eagerness to believe whatever the wayward sisters tell him is almost chilling: it's a bit frightening (though resonant) to see a smart powerful man embrace the supernatural just because it seems to serve his own cause so thoroughly.

Martin Denton

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Gregory Adair
Michael James Anderson*
Susan Angelo*
Mick Bleyer Kenneth Cavett*
Alexandra Devin*
Letty Ferrer*
Mike Finesilver*
Brooke Fulton*
Justin Gibbs*
Noah Keen*
Leanne Littlestone*
Audrey Maeve Hager*
David M. Mead*
Edward Myers
Jake Myers
Ben Sumrall*
Clare Patterson

Asst. Director/Fight Director: Galway McCullough
Production Stage Manager: Michael Palmer*
Lighting Design by Carrie Yacono
Sound Design by Andy Cohen
Costume Design by Amy Kitzhaber

*Member, AEA - an Equity Approved Showcase