WorkShop One-Acts

A Play In Process (PIP)
In The Main Stage Theater


May 8, 2004

Week One: Tuesday thru Saturday, April 21 - 24

The Bob Manus School of Acting by Jeffrey Swan Jones
What I Really Want to Say by Alex Lewin
The Following Morning by Scott C. Sickles
Robeson At Peekskill written and performed by Jill Kotler
Blueberry Waltz by Liz Amberly

Week Two: Tuesday thru Saturday, April 28 - May 1

Tech Rehearsal by Tyler Miller
We're All Connected by Mike Vogel
Settling the Score by Ray Alvin
The Alpha State by William C. Kovacsik
Right Sensation by Rich Orloff

Week Three: Tuesday thru Saturday, May 5 - 8

Running Toward Strangers by Christine Fall
Sylvia & Paul by Frank Hertle
Humble Pie by Leslie Gwyn
Underpass by Lexie Devin
The Jazz Age by Allan Knee
The Seance Where You Contact Mommy by David Schmitt