Somewhere Waiting for You


Kathryn Paulsen**

Directed By: 

Katrin Hilbe**

A Special Event
In The Main Stage Theater


October 26, 2010

November, 1863: Emily Dickinson longs to find an audience for her work but doesn't have a clue how to go about it. That notorious fellow Walt Whitman might have something to teach her. . .if she were to meet him. "Somewhere Waiting for You" gives her that chance. Egged on by her spiritual companions, George Eliot, William Shakespeare, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily journeys to New York to find Walt at the 19th century equivalent of a poetry slam.

Somewhere Waiting for You was a finalist for the Julie Harris Playwriting Award and in other competitions. As adapted for the screen, it was a finalist in the Massachusetts Film Office Screenwriting Competition. Kathryn Paulsen writes for screen and page as well as stage.


Anthony Bowden
Liz Forst
Michael Gnat*
Lucy McMichael*
Bill Tatum*
Amanda Tudor*
Richard Vernon*
Katie Yamulla*

Coordinating Producer: Katie Yamulla

**Dramatists Guild