From Dr. Elizabeth A. Pallitto, Faith University, January 31, 2011

I am just writing to let you know how much we (my students and I) enjoyed the production of Tartuffe directed by Charles Gerber. I loved the acting and wanted to mention how much I enjoyed Cleanté's "sensible" speeches and facial expressions: ranging from disbelief to disgruntlement to a saintly patience with the silliness of Mme. Pernelle and Tartuffe himself. The cast had chemistry, energy, and great wit in their interpretations of the super-clever translation. I should mention that I'm a literary translator and university professor just to underscore my [somewhat educated] appreciation.

More students will be coming to the WorkShop Theater Co. as a result, so we'll be in touch about this. I'm collecting specific student comments/responses and will direct these to your attention.

A part of the WorkShop's audience for many years, I've always enjoyed both the original writing (by members and others) as well as the classic plays. Personally even though I write, I'm continually inspired by ancient, early modern, and contemporary classics (as well as classics-to-be).

Originally, I attended productions with Ben Alexander, who was a classmate and friend. This past Thursday was the second time I saw the WorkShop production of Tartuffe.
Many more, as they say.


Dr. Elizabeth A. Pallitto

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January 31, 2011

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