Molière's Tartuffe


Paul Weidner (a new translation)

Directed By: 

Charles E. Gerber

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


January 29, 2011

The age-old tradition of religious hypocrisy gets freshly skewered in this new version of the timeless comedy, reinterpreted by renowned Man of the Theater, Paul Weidner.

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A Note From Moni Yakim

Dear Charles [E. Gerber, Director of and Actor in],

Thank you for inviting me to 'Tartuffe.' Over the years, I have seen many productions of the play. Yours ranks among the best of them. You have assembled a wonderfully talented and spirited cast. Your choice of the translation by Paul Weidner was brilliant.

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From Dr. Elizabeth A. Pallitto, Faith University, January 31, 2011

I am just writing to let you know how much we (my students and I) enjoyed the production of Tartuffe directed by Charles Gerber. I loved the acting and wanted to mention how much I enjoyed Cleanté's "sensible" speeches and facial expressions: ranging from disbelief to disgruntlement to a saintly patience with the silliness of Mme. Pernelle and Tartuffe himself. The cast had chemistry, energy, and great wit in their interpretations of the super-clever translation.

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Kelly Anne Burns*
Daniel Damiano
Ellen Dolan*
Dee Dee Friedman*
Charles E. Gerber*
Ken Glickfeld*
David M. Mead*
Gerrianne Raphael*
Mike Smith Rivera*
Natalie Smith
Bill Tatum*
Jonathan Weber

Scenic Design: David M. Mead
Costume Design: Sharon Thompson
Lighting Design: Duane Pagano
Sound Design: Janie Bullard

Production Stage Manager: Evan Bernardin
Assistant Stage Manager: Christopher Hlinka

Special Assistant to the Director: Patrice Miller

Coordinating Producer: David M. Mead
Publicist: Stephen Sunderlin, Sun Productions

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