Raisins Not Virgins


Sharbari Ahmed

Directed By: 

Thomas Cote

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


October 22, 2005

A pre-9/11 tale of spiritual and political turmoil set against a backdrop of New York dating angst, Raisins Not Virgins traces the hilarious journey and jihad of a young American-Muslim woman as she traverses the minefields of identity and love.

The title "Raisins Not Virgins" refers to a controversial Koranic verse that supposedly states a Muslim martyr will receive the reward of virgins in heaven. Recent interpretations have found that the word virgin more accurately translates into raisin, specifically raisins of "startling white clarity". The latter translation may have more credence given the high premium placed on a good raisin at the time.

Reviews & Press: 

a touching tale of modern Muslim life

Town & Village On Stage

By her words and actions Sahar, the principal character in Sharbari Ahmed's engrossing play, "Raisins Not Virgins," emphasizes the difference between an American who happens to be a Muslim and a devoted Muslim who happens to be an American.

Gene Kilik

About Show: 


Sharbari Z. Ahmed
Marc Geller *
Anna Itty
Nelson Lugo
Harry Peerce* (through Oct 15)
David Pincus* (Oct 20 - 22)
Anar Vilas

Set Design by Andrew C. Boyce
Costume Design by Kat Martin
Lighting Design by Evan Purcell
Video by David Schulder
Stage Managed by Stefania Diana Schramm

*Member, AEA - an Equity Approved Showcase