Moonlight & Love Songs


Scott C. Sickles

Directed By: 

David Gautschy

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


November 22, 2008

Irresistible Desire
Shocking Deception
Shattered Lives
You know... Love

An architect in his forties becomes romantically involved with a younger man who may not be what he seems in this humorous and intense romantic drama from the author of Intellectuals.

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Moonlight & Love Songs

In Moonlight & Love Songs, Scott C. Sickles has created an original love story that is sexy, controversial, funny, thought-provoking and sad...Moonlight succeeds because Sickles clearly understands a difficult truth: that while we may want the kind of romance we see in movies, the kind filled with moonlight and love songs, we live in the real world, which rarely gives us a Hollywood ending.

Gena Hymowech

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David Palmer Brown*
Anne Fizzard*
David M. Mead*
Jeff Paul*
Nicole Taylor*
Ryan Tresser*
Jeff Woodman*

* Member, Actors' Equity Association

Lighting & Scenic Designer: Duane Pagano
Sound Designer: David Schulder
Stage Manager: Michael Palmer*
Assistant Director: Chaya Muldavin
Coordinating Producer: Mitchell Sawyer

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