Fabulous Darshan


Bob Stewart

Directed By: 

Susan Izatt

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


June 25, 2011

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The Wisdom of Experience...
The Exuberance of Youth...
The Choreography of Showgirls!

Bob Stewart's Fabulous Darshan is a comedy about the transforming dance of friendship & mentoring among three generations of NYC actors (with the help of an ancient Deity).

An official NYC Pride Partner: nycpride.org

Reviews & Press: 

Fabulous Darshan is a triumph for the WorkShop

Fabulous Darshan, Bob Stewart's wise, funny, and splendidly entertaining new play at WorkShop Theater company, is indeed fabulous in every way. This is wondrously human theatre, trading in the universal struggles and truths that everyone deals with in their lives. Stewart and his collaborators explore the human condition with grace, intelligence, joy, and compassion.

Martin Denton

About Show: 

The cast is fantastic — I've rarely seen so much talent on a stage this small

An amazing small show (4 men in the cast) at the adventurous WorkShop Theater Company, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th Floor. Fabulous Darshan has been picked as a bone fide Gay Pride event, and it should be. It's a show that mixes HIV and its consequences, the real strength and meaning of queer relationships and the generations that share them, Disco, pop drivel (OK: Pop culture) and Eastern meditation, and its leading character is a queer man of color and of size, who's also an amazing creation as a character...In fact, it's a small play that's bursting out of its setting.

Perry Brass - Lost Gay New York/Queer New York Blog

About Show: 


*Tim Cain, *Spencer Scott Barros, Evan Bernardin, *Mike Smith Rivera, *Ben Sumrall


Director - Susan Izatt
Assistant Director - Chris Hlinka
Stage Manager - Michael Palmer
Production Manager - Kelly Anne Burns

Set Design - Sofia Palacios Blanco
Sound Design - Quentin Chiapetta
Light Design - Diana Duecker
Costume Design - Chris Hlinka
Assistant Costumer - Alexa Devin

* Appears courtesy of AEA - an AEA Approved Showcase

Production Photos: