The Winter's Tale


William Shakespeare

Directed By: 

Ryan Lee

A Main Stage Production
In The Main Stage Theater


March 15, 2014

"a wild dedication of yourselves
To undiscovered waters, undreamed shores..."

Leontes, King of Sicilia, has suspicions.
Has his beautiful Queen Hermione been unfaithful?
Has Leontes' dearest friend since childhood Polixenes betrayed him as well?

Yes. He is certain.

But what if he's wrong?

Both dark and light, stark and beautiful, harrowing and joyous, Shakespeare's genre-bender is filled with love, madness, romance, deception, nobility, skulduggery, mysticism, prophesy and, of course, a bear.

Reviews & Press: 

Its Shakespeare done with utter simplicity that unlocks the play's magic...[Director Ryan] Lee orchestrates it with no satiric twist--and it comes across right as rain

...captures its life-enhancing message of rebirth and redemption...Tess Frazer and Jon-Michael Miller...have excellent chemistry and charm to spare. Robert Meksin is ideal as the roguish peddler Autolycus...Ryan Lee briskly directs and makes many good choices, particularly in his casting

Deirdre Donovan

About Show: 


James Armstrong*
Ethan Cadoff*
Tess Frazer
Annalisa Loeffler*
Clark Loeffler
Robert Meksin*
Jon-Michael Miller*
Jacob Callie Moore
Jeff Paul*
Laurie Schroeder*
Michael Selkirk*
Bill Tatum*

*Member, Actors' Equity Association

Set Design:
Michael Minahan
Costume Design:
Angela Harner
Lighting Design:
Kia Rogers
Sound Design:
Harrison Adams

Assistant Director:
Jenna Hoff
Stage Manager:
Melissa Farinelli
Assistant Stage Managers:
Ambar Aranga, Ally Tufenkjian

Production Manager:
Lauren Riddle
Artistic Associate:
Cecily Benjamin Hughes

Production Photos: