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A brilliant production. Well written, perfectly executed...a script that has a perfect ratio of love, humor, and drama...IYOM is magic

...dazzles the senses and, ultimately, lifts the heart...this intense story reaches into the depths of both the brightest hope and the darkest despair.

Karen D’Onofrio
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The actors excel and the writing is crisp and real. If you wish to escape the relentless goodwill of the holiday season, snack on this entertaining treat.

Like sprinkles on a snowy cupcake, the WorkShop theater brightens up the evening with temptation, intrigue, anticipation, and finally that satisfied feeling you get when you've had just enough.

Karen D'Onofrio
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Cold Snaps 2012

sweet and touching...definitely food for thought...

...unsettling...dark facets of life being presented front and center...

Kessa De Santis, electroniclink.com
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