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A Memory Play

Playwright Bob Stewart’s quick and witty script tells a frank tale that is brought to another level by Gary Levinson’s keen direction. Although we often insist that we would do things differently if given the chance to relive the past, A Memory Play suggests that things happen the way they must. It is a simple play that turns out to be a funny, genuine and thought-provoking production.

Kristin Forte

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Moonlight & Love Songs

In Moonlight & Love Songs, Scott C. Sickles has created an original love story that is sexy, controversial, funny, thought-provoking and sad...Moonlight succeeds because Sickles clearly understands a difficult truth: that while we may want the kind of romance we see in movies, the kind filled with moonlight and love songs, we live in the real world, which rarely gives us a Hollywood ending.

Gena Hymowech

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Skillfully adapted

"Skillfully adapted by director Jerry Less...most striking in this production is the skill of its actors, several of whom play multiple characters." - Katharine Critchlow, Show Business Weekly, 2005

Katharine Critchlow

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