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This page contains the archives of WorkShop productions from 2004 - 2014.
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WorkShop Scenes
This view does not include Sundays@Six nor any other one-time, sit-down readings.
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Show By Closed
Hampton Harbor

Fred Pezzulli

A Staged Reading 05/14/2005
Niya Tey Soung

David M. Mead

A Staged Reading 05/07/2005
Orange Bees

James Demarse

A Staged Reading 04/30/2005
Will-A-Thon A Special Event 04/23/2005
The Forever Waltz

Glyn Maxwell

A Main Stage Production 04/02/2005
Birding Ecuador

Steven Roylance

A Staged Reading 03/19/2005
Kafka Beckett Chekhov: Three One-Person Plays A Play In Process (PIP) 03/05/2005
Super Shorts: One Acts on the Main Stage A Play In Process (PIP) 02/26/2005

Tamar Kummel

A Play In Process (PIP) 02/05/2005
Foreign Affairs

Rich Orloff

A Main Stage Production 01/29/2005
The Big Blind

Charlie Shuttleworth

A Staged Reading 01/15/2005
A Brush With Georgia O'Keeffe

Natalie Mosco

A Staged Reading 12/20/2004

Fred Pezzulli

A Main Stage Production 12/18/2004
'M' Is For the Million Things: One-Act Plays about Mothers

Scott C. Sickles

A Staged Reading 12/11/2004
Shocked and Awed

William C. Kovacsik

A Staged Reading 10/30/2004
When It Rains

Rahti Gorfien

A Main Stage Production 10/16/2004
A Ghost Story


A Staged Reading 10/16/2004

Tony Sportiello

A Main Stage Production 10/02/2004

Dick Sabol

A Staged Reading 10/02/2004

Frederick Glover

A Staged Reading 09/18/2004
La Famiglia

Lawrence DuKore

A Staged Reading 09/11/2004
Blood of the Bear

Maureen McGranaghan

A Main Stage Production 08/28/2004
Best Western

Jeffrey Swan Jones

A Staged Reading 06/26/2004
Whisper Down the Lane

Liz Amberly

A Staged Reading 06/19/2004
Bettinger's Luggage

Al Tapper

A Staged Reading 06/05/2004

Lynn Silver

A Staged Reading 05/27/2004
The Masrayana (2004 reading)

William C. Kovacsik

A Staged Reading 05/22/2004
Certain Souls

Ken Javie

A Main Stage Production 05/15/2004

Heather Lynn Gornall

A Staged Reading 05/15/2004

Donald Steele

A Main Stage Production 05/08/2004
WorkShop One-Acts A Play In Process (PIP) 05/08/2004
The Spring Week of Sundays A Play In Process (PIP) 04/17/2004
The Bard in the Box: Henry IV, Parts I and II A Play In Process (PIP) 04/10/2004
Raisins Not Virgins

Sharbari Ahmed

A Staged Reading 03/13/2004
The Philosopher's Joke

Scott C. Sickles

A Main Stage Production 03/06/2004
When You Try to Save Your Life You Lose It

Rahti Gorfien

A Play In Process (PIP) 03/06/2004
The Barksdale Confession

William C. Kovacsik

A Main Stage Production 03/06/2004

Gregory Sullivan

A Play In Process (PIP) 02/28/2004
The Simple Stories (2004 Staged Reading)

Langston Hughes

A Staged Reading 02/21/2004
Up From Stardom

Lawrence Dukore

A Staged Reading 02/14/2004