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This page contains the archives of WorkShop productions from 2004 - 2014.
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WorkShop Scenes
This view does not include Sundays@Six nor any other one-time, sit-down readings.
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Show By Closed
QUICKIES ~ four short explorations into human sexuality A Staged Reading 01/12/2013
A Christmas Carol: A Special One-Man Performance of Dickens' Classic Holiday Tale

Greg Oliver Bodine* (adaptation)

A Special Event 12/18/2012
Cold Snaps 2012

WorkShop Playwrights

WorkShop One-Act Festival 12/15/2012

J. Thalia Cunningham

FREE Special Event 11/10/2012

Gary Giovannetti

A Main Stage Production 10/27/2012
The Chekhov Dreams

John McKinney

A Play In Process (PIP) 10/27/2012
Tarragona / Chekhov Dreams Culture Clash Party

Anton Giovannetti

A Special Event 10/21/2012
IYOM: part of the WorkShop's International Exhange Program with NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia

Lou-Lou Igbokwe

A Special Event 10/13/2012
UBIN: part of the WorkShop's International Exhange Program with NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia

Su Ching Teh

A Special Event 10/06/2012
Life on the Mississippi, A Musical Play (September 2012 PIP)

Philip Hall, based on the book by Mark Twain

A Play In Process (PIP) 09/22/2012

Ken Jaworowski

A Staged Reading 08/25/2012
The Golden Year (August 2012 3-Day Staged Reading)

Daniel Damiano

A Staged Reading 08/11/2012
Rummage Sale, Baby!!

WorkShop Theater Company

A Special Event 07/22/2012

Book: Travis Ferguson | Music & Lyrics: Brian Katona

A Special Event 07/01/2012
Rhonda Hansome Comedy Special - The Divorced & Bitter Tour A Special Event 06/30/2012
Ghosts in Princeton

Daniel Kehlmann

FREE Special Event 06/25/2012
It's the End of the World as We Know It!

WorkShop Playwrights

WorkShop One-Act Festival 06/23/2012
Dr. Radio

Bill Castellino (Book) Christopher McGovern (Music/Lyrics)

A Special Event 06/17/2012
Exchanging Minka

William C. Kovacsik

A Special Event 06/16/2012
The Fairy Hoax presentation of the The Musical Theater Wing

Thomas H. Diggs (Book/Lyrics) Jay D'Amico (Score)

A Special Event 05/20/2012

Timothy Scott Harris

A Main Stage Production 05/19/2012
Julius Caesar: a presentation of the Classical Theater Wing

William Shakespeare

A Special Event 05/19/2012
The Encounter

Fred Pezzulli

A Staged Reading 05/12/2012
Will-A-Thon 2012

William Shakespeare

FREE Special Event 04/29/2012
The Hyenas Got It Down: Tales of Savagery, Depravity and Other Acts of Love

Daniel Damiano

A WorkShop Late Night Event 04/14/2012

Rich Orloff

A Special Event 04/14/2012
Lightning From Heaven

Scott C. Sickles

A Staged Reading 03/17/2012
Beat Chick

Prudence Wright Holmes & Joanne Joseph

A Play In Process (PIP) 03/10/2012

Deb Roberts, Steve Marzullo, Amelia Demayo

A Special Event 03/04/2012
The Navigator

Eddie Antar

A Main Stage Production 03/03/2012
The Dishonorable Discharge of Private Pitts

Daniel Damiano

A Staged Reading 02/04/2012
God in Bed

Glenn Alterman

A Staged Reading 01/28/2012
All in a Day

WorkShop Playwrights

WorkShop One-Act Festival 01/22/2012
Manus and Friends! Featuring some of New York's Best Street Musicians! One Night Only - To Celebrate the Hodidays! A Special Event 12/19/2011
Cold Snaps Closing Night Holiday Party A WorkShop Late Night Event 12/17/2011
Cold Snaps 2011

WorkShop Playwrights

WorkShop One-Act Festival 12/17/2011
A Very Special Edition of VAUDEVILLE NOUVEAU A Special Event 12/03/2011
RELENT - an indie musical (2011 Special Event) A Special Event 11/21/2011
Poe, Times Two

Greg Oliver Bodine

A Special Event 11/05/2011
The Waiting Room at Professor Watering's Institute for Afflicted Children, Amsterdam, September 25th, 1933

Robert Karmon

A Staged Reading 10/22/2011