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WorkShop Scenes
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Show By Closed
Don Juan In Hell

George Bernard Shaw

A Staged Reading 08/21/2010
Vaudeville Nouveau Grand Closing Weekend A Special Event 08/14/2010
VERBATIM VERBOTEN - The Words You Were Never Meant To Hear...Uncensored!

Michael Martin (Created by)

A Special Event 08/13/2010
Cold Snaps Submissions

WorkShop Writers

A Special Event 08/08/2010
Ti Ricordi, Amore Mio? (Do You Remember, My Love?)

Enrico Maria Falconi

A Special Event 06/20/2010
RECESSION SPECIAL: Plays Inspired by the Economic Downturn WorkShop One-Act Festival 06/12/2010
The 7th Annual Will-A-Thon A Special Event 04/24/2010
Orange Alert

Stephen Girasuolo

A Staged Reading 04/10/2010
Miss Lulu Bett

Zona Gale

A Main Stage Production 04/03/2010
Tarragona (2010 3-Day Staged Reading)

Gary Giovannetti

A Staged Reading 03/27/2010
Beneath the Hush, a Whisper

Abigail Somma

A Staged Reading 03/13/2010
Black Voice - Celebrating the Work of African-American Playwrights of Today and Yesterday A Special Event 02/27/2010
The Chekhov Dreams (2010 Staged Reading)

John McKinney

A Staged Reading 02/20/2010
Demon Bitch Goddess

Scott C. Sickles

A Play In Process (PIP) 02/13/2010
Protected - 2010 Staged Reading

Timothy Scott Harris

A Staged Reading 01/16/2010
Cold Snaps: the WorkShop's Annual Winter One-Act Festival (2009) WorkShop One-Act Festival 12/19/2009

Frederic Glover

A Staged Reading 11/21/2009
Fabulous Darshan

Bob Stewart

A Staged Reading 11/07/2009
Next Year in Jerusalem

Dana Leslie Goldstein

A Main Stage Production 10/31/2009

Ken Jaworowski

A Staged Reading 10/30/2009
The Navigator (2009 Staged Reading)

Eddie Antar

A Staged Reading 10/17/2009
12 Angry Men: A Performance To Benefit The WorkShop Theater Company

Reginald Rose

A Special Event 09/20/2009
Life and Death Take on Mary and Saint Theresa

Alexandra Devin

A Staged Reading 08/29/2009
On an August Eve

Linda Segal Crawley

A Staged Reading 08/22/2009
Humble Pie

Leslie Gwyn

A Special Event 07/15/2009
From Russia With Angst WorkShop One-Act Festival 06/27/2009
The 6th Annual Will-A-Thon A Special Event 04/25/2009
She Said, She Said

Kathryn Chetkovitch

A Main Stage Production 04/04/2009
Tarragona (2009 3-Day Staged Reading)

Gary Giovannetti

A Staged Reading 04/04/2009
Next Year in Jerusalem

Dana Leslie Goldstein

A Staged Reading 03/28/2009
Saint Joan

George Bernard Shaw

A Staged Reading 03/07/2009
Dime Heroes

Eric Kingrea

A Staged Reading 02/28/2009
Miss Lulu Bett

Zona Gale

A Staged Reading 01/10/2009
A Memory Play

Bob Stewart

A Main Stage Production 12/20/2008
All-Day Suckers

Susan Dworkin

A Staged Reading 12/13/2008
Moonlight & Love Songs

Scott C. Sickles

A Main Stage Production 11/22/2008
American Cake

Jonathan Pereira

A Play In Process (PIP) 11/01/2008
A Brush with Georgia O'Keeffe - in D.C.

Natalie Mosco

A Special Event 11/01/2008
CELEBRATE OUR 15TH LANDMARK SEASON WITH: A Very Special Edition of VAUDEVILLE NOUVEAU A Special Event 10/27/2008

Ben Alexander

A Play In Process (PIP) 10/04/2008