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WorkShop Scenes
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A Perfect Ganesh

Terrence McNally

A Main Stage Production 09/13/2008
WorkShop One-Acts: Misfits In Their Habitats A Staged Reading 08/23/2008
WorkShop Members On Film A Special Event 08/16/2008
Vaudeville Nouveau Presents The Crystal Stiletto Awards! A Special Event 07/19/2008
Chekhov: Collected Stories A Special Event 07/13/2008
Word Made Flesh

Dana Slamp

A Staged Reading 06/28/2008
Crazy Little Thing Called Love: our 2008 summer festival of one-act plays WorkShop One-Act Festival 06/14/2008
One of Us

Kathryn Chetkovich

A Staged Reading 06/12/2008
The Chekhov Dreams (2008 Staged Reading)

John McKinney

A Staged Reading 05/31/2008

Fred Glover

A Staged Reading 05/17/2008
Come Again

Rich Orloff

A Staged Reading 05/10/2008
Will-A-Thon: 6 Nights of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

A Special Event 04/26/2008
The Island

Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona

A Staged Reading 04/18/2008
A Memory Play

Bob Stewart

A Staged Reading 04/12/2008
A Brush With Georgia O'Keeffe

Natalie Mosco

A Play In Process (PIP) 04/05/2008
The Guest at Central Park West

Levy Lee Simon

A Main Stage Production 03/15/2008
Voices, Pertinent and Timeless A Staged Reading 03/01/2008
The Simple Stories (2008 PIP)

Charles E. Gerber & Sandy Moore (Adapted)

A Play In Process (PIP) 02/16/2008
The Blue Carbuncle with Sherlock Holmes & The Gift of the Magi

Andrew Joffe

A Play In Process (PIP) 12/22/2007
WorkShop One-Acts: What Then Must We Do?

Frank Hertle & Mariana Carreno King

A Staged Reading 12/01/2007
French Kisses 2007 A Play In Process (PIP) 11/17/2007
Red to Black Party: 2007 WorkShop Theater Company Benefit A Special Event 10/29/2007
The Book of Ted

David Schmitt

A Staged Reading 10/13/2007
A Lullaby Lost

Liz Amberly

A Staged Reading 09/29/2007
Only Kidding!

Jim Geoghan

A Play In Process (PIP) 09/22/2007
WorkShop One-Acts: Staged readings of new short plays A Staged Reading 08/18/2007
In a Kingdom By the Sea

Karen Sunde

A Staged Reading 06/30/2007

Richard Broadhurst

A Staged Reading 06/23/2007

Ben Alexander

A Staged Reading 06/16/2007
One Night of One-Acts

Tamar Kummel

3-SR 06/09/2007

Rich Orloff

A Play In Process (PIP) 05/19/2007
Will-A-Thon: 6 Nights of Shakespeare A Special Event 04/28/2007
Three Pairs & a Full House A Play In Process (PIP) 04/21/2007
Desire in the Suburbs

Frederic Glover

A Main Stage Production 03/31/2007
The MacIvor Readings

Daniel MacIvor

A Special Event 03/25/2007
Up From Stardom

Lawrence DuKore

A Staged Reading 03/24/2007
Moonlight and Love Songs (2007 3-day Staged Reading)

Scott C. Sickles

A Staged Reading 02/10/2007
Greedy A Special Event 01/27/2007
The Tragedie Of Macbeth

William Shakespeare

A Main Stage Production 01/21/2007
The Mentee

Steven Fechter

A Play In Process (PIP) 01/20/2007