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Welcome to the WorkShop Theater 2004 - 2014 Show Archives

This page contains the archives of WorkShop productions from 2004 - 2014.

This view does not include Sundays@Six nor any other one-time, sit-down readings.

See our Readings page for those archives.

WorkShop Scenes

Show By Closed
Never Missed A Day Ken Jaworowski 12/16/2006
Pillar of Salt William C. Kovacsik 12/16/2006
Unknown Country 2006: More Plays from Canada 12/03/2006
Uncle Vanya Anton Chekhov; Translated by Paul Schmidt 11/18/2006
Radio Ridiculous Presents: A Tale of Two Miserables Rich Orloff 11/04/2006
Liberty - The Musical Liberty the Musical, Statue of Liberty, Family Musical, WorkShop Theater Photo 10/28/2006
Daytime at Nighttime 2006: WorkShop Theater Company Benefit 10/23/2006
I want to see Carmen Bassillio Jim DeMarse 10/14/2006
Intellectuals Scott C. Sickles 09/30/2006
One-Act Plays by David Schmitt David Schmitt 09/30/2006
Survival of the Stubbornest Theresa Wozunk 09/23/2006
The Missionary Position Lawrence Dukore 09/16/2006
Magic and Mayhem: Back By Popular Demand! 08/26/2006
French Kisses A WorkShop Second Look at the Samuel French One-Act Play Festival 08/23/2006
Niya Tey Soung David M. Mead 07/08/2006
Soundtrack To Cezanne Gary Giovannetti 06/24/2006
Magic and Mayhem 06/10/2006
Caseload Levy Lee Simon 05/20/2006
The Astonished Heart Noel Coward 05/13/2006
Will-A-Thon: 6 Nights of Shakespeare 05/07/2006
The Jazz Age Allan Knee 04/22/2006
Messiah Martin Sherman 04/08/2006
Appetites Owa 03/18/2006
Steal Away: The Living History of Harriet Tubman Rick Balian 03/11/2006
The Mentee Steven Fechter 03/11/2006
M is for the Million Things: Plays About Mothers & Motherhood Scott C. Sickles 02/11/2006
Love Me Knots Dave Riedy 01/21/2006
Desire in the Suburbs Frederic Glover 01/14/2006
Cold Snaps: The WorkShop Theater Company's Winter One-Act Festival 12/17/2005
Messiah Martin Sherman 11/20/2005
Daytime at Nighttime: 2005 WorkShop Theater Company Benefit 11/17/2005
A View From the Bridge Arthur Miller 11/05/2005
Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare 10/28/2005
Raisins Not Virgins Sharbari Ahmed 10/22/2005
Stealing Home Raymond Alvin 10/08/2005
Shaking the Goose Egg Jane Gennaro 09/24/2005
Bettinger's Luggage Albert M. Tapper 08/27/2005
Pineapple & Henry Linda Segal Crawley 07/09/2005
Unknown Country: 5 Plays From Canada 06/27/2005
The Mentee Steven Fechter 06/25/2005